Midnight Renegade Excerpt


“Come on. They just destroyed their best way in, but there are other entrances. They’ll have a schematic of the silo, so they’ll find their way in eventually.” He grabbed Samantha’s arm. “Fill the back of the Hummer with as much of the equipment and serum as you can in the next three minutes. Betray me and I’ll leave you here. Either they’re going to blow this place or I am. I suggest you’re with me when I leave.”

She didn’t have a choice. At this moment, she trusted Alex a whole lot more than those guys who didn’t seem to think before they launched mortar rockets. The room spun and she halted in her tracks, hoping to steady herself.

Another concussive blast came, this time at the elevator door to the lab. The impact knocked Samantha to the floor.

Alex ran to her.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I didn’t mean to fall….” A strange dizziness kept her from rising and this time it was not from the concussion.

Cursing, Alex picked up Samantha.

She looked at him, eyes glazed with pain. “Something is wrong inside me. I’m woozy and burning up all of a sudden.”

“Oh, God, no.”

He met her gaze, and this time, the anguish on his face frightened her more than his anger ever had. She could feel herself changing inside. Bones popping and cracking. Her brain seemed on overload.

“It’s your blood doing this. Isn’t it?” she whispered, clenching her teeth against a scream. “W-What will I become now?”

“I don’t know.”

Her hands clenched and her body shook in near convulsions. “Will I live?”

“Maybe, but, you might not want to.”

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